Hubbab sees itself as progressive and goal oriented company in the forefront of contributing to the economy through the supply of business services to the National and International business spectrum.  Hubbab strive for continuous development for sustainable growth on its own and by relationship building with like minded individuals and companies.

Hubbab Company News

The website is currently under construction. The new launch date is end September 2012



Hubbab's position of strength

Hubbab’s position of strength is offering business services to companies and individuals alike.  Our range of services targets the whole spectrum of business sizes locally and now also internationally.  Hubbab is based on an entrepreneurial spirit pursuing opportunities in which they can generate various income streams and simultaneously contribute to the economy by assisting businesses to create and sustain tangible and intangible assets.

Restructuring Business Models

Hubbab is currently restructuring. They will keep on offering cutting edge solutions to businesses alike.  Their entrepreneurial spirit will be enhanced with more in depth use of technology.





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